Thoughts. No. 5 – Surviving the day

"Melancholy" by Edvard Munch

“Melancholy” by Edvard Munch

Let those who need to go to the therapist just go. Go, get on with it. And those who don’t want to go (can you blame them? – that person sitting there in the corner, saying nothing, is probably earning a lot more money than they are, right now), whether they need to or not, let them stay at home and survive the best they can. Stay or go. It’s probably all the same in the end.

You don’t have a god to help you, and you yourself are not one. (What god drinks six cups of coffee in a row for no good reason?)

This is my thought about how you will survive (and I will give you this advice free of charge). Make a list of the five things you have to do today. Then randomly decide which order to do them in. Then assign one hour to each task. Then follow the clock obediently, as a child does, at school. If there were a god, I am sure he would give you just the same advice as I am giving you now.

As to the greater malaise of your life, you’re on your own, baby.

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