Thoughts. No. 2 – Sex addicts

sex-addictLate last night, as I cycled home from work, a thought occured to me. I should say “recurred”, because I already had this thought some months previously. It had to do with masturbation…………of all unmentionable things…………..The context for this quite serious reflection (cycling along on my bike, in the dark) will make it comic for some.

“You will go blind” was the saying that amused the boys at my school. How risible they found the idea. And I think we can truly doubt that anyone was ever made blind by doing this dirty, dirty thing, (UGH!). But did anyone ever become mad because of it? Wasn’t that the other half of the saying we used to laugh at? I forget.

(Googling the subject, today, I immediately come across the topic “Does Masturbation Cause Madness?” in a men’s health website, with a reassurance that it, of course, doesn’t.)

Anyway, what I was thinking about as I beetled along, was that, nowadays, people (Hollywood people, anyway) do sometimes check themselves into clinics in order to be treated for sex addiction – in other words, sex is driving them nuts. So, maybe the schoolboys of my day should have been a little more attentive to the advice given, a little less dismissive………….they should have seen further……….. that there was a useful message hidden in there somewhere………or should I say lost in there somewhere. The whole idea having become so abbreviated as to become nonsensical.

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