Jeremy’s software



Across town on my vouwfiets to see Jeremy and to return one lot of software and borrow another. My bike normally lives in the attic (and that also doubles as my composing room when the neighbours are making too much noise).

Jeremy defies the laws of nature by getting more cute as he gets older. He looks about 28, though he is perhaps 40. Being so good-looking (especially now that he’s all bronzed from a recent cruise) and nice, and clever and well educated, and everything else that any reasonable person could desire in a partner, he naturally has boyfriend trouble……

We sat on the balcony and J. served lunch. I could see across to the Rembrandt Tower. It was a lovely hot day. I started to wear a straw hat, but that didn’t help. Truth be told, I don’t much like hot sunshine. But I did like sitting amongst herbs and pot plants. And being with him was so nice.

We talked a bit about the massacre in Virginia because it’s just happened. But all the issues have been gone through again and again, so there’s not much to say. The main thing I find is not to sneer at the U.S. and its problems. I don’t like that. It’s a cheap thing to do. J. didn’t do that of course. On the contrary, he’s researching into the problem.

Cycled back along the Baarsjesweg where they plan to build the new Westermoskee. If it happens it should be magnificent. Fantastic position there by the canal and they’ve erected a hoarding where you can see an image of what it will all look like. The whole project is controversial though……….needless to say.

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