Dinner at Jeroen’s house on Easter Sunday

Brilliant meal at Jeroen’s pretty house in a cute village situated on the river Vecht. Me, Ananda, Chendra, Jeroen of course (who was cook) and Iman Ahimsa, a photographer. They got on to the subject of China and then Feng Shui. I was just “taking notes”. A classical music station was was playing in the background, so Ananda and I were meanwhile enjoying recognizing things as they came along. It’s a good game. Some Star Trek music appeared (obviously scraping through into the classical music category) and then a marvelous choral piece by John Rutter which we hunted for when we got back to Amsterdam. The subject of Lounge Music came up and the Buddha Bar in Paris. So Jeroen put on a compilation CD released under their brand name. Nice, but, oh dear, I’m pretty sure that’s not on my list of “things you must like” – the one I mislaid several years ago.

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